First Solar Energy Landfill Project in Sarjah is going to be executed by Bee’ah

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Bee’ah, Sharjah-based waste management organization has recently expressed that it will change over 47 hectares of Al Saja’a landfill zone into a solar energy facility in Sharjah once the landfill is topped.

This project will have the option to create more than 42 megawatts of energy, every year. In the very first stage, 270,565 square meters of the landfill will be converted over into solar generation area with an anticipated yield of 24 megawatts and in the second stage it will change over 200,099 square meters into a solar installation zone which will create another 16 megawatts.

Bee’ah is focusing on a zero-waste system. As of late Bee’ah propelled its new biomass facility, which will process 200 tons of cellulose and carbon-based waste every day.

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