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New Home Electric Vehicle Charging Access With NeoCharge

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One thing that all electric cars have in common is they need to be charged. Many people who might be interested in buying one do not have a 220 volt outlet available to plug a charger into. That means they need to hire an electrician to add a new circuit.

Charging an EV may require as many amps as an electric stove or clothes dryer. The NeoCharge Smart Splitter can plug right into that outlet and provide electricity access for both the appliance already using it and an electric car charger.

Yes, the Smart Splitter will intelligently power an EV charger and an electric dryer, stove, or other appliance without any changes to the electrical panel and without adding a new circuit.

The secret is that the Smart Splitter automatically switches between your appliance and your car depending on which needs power more urgently.


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