How To Assess PV performance in zero-energy building?

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A Brazilian research team has shown the advantages of linking solar-powered zero-energy buildings to recharging stations for electric vehicles. It proposed a model that can be applied to any location.

A Brazilian research team has assessed the performance of a PV system installed on the Fotovoltaica/UFSC laboratory, a zero-energy building located in Florianopolis, Brazil, specifying that the solar array was not intended to maximize power production but rather achieve a compromise between the building aesthetics and energy output.

The 111 kW PV system includes several units deployed across two buildings’ rooftops and fa├žades as well as on a carport, a bus shelter/charging station and three small ground-mounted arrays. The generated energy is used for building consumption and for powering a small electric bus.

The performance of the installations was monitored from August 2017 to February 2020. “Many of the PV systems were installed along this timespan as described, and generation capacity has increased over the period,” the scientists stated.


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