31% of UK Electric Vehicle Sales = Tesla Model 3

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It’s notoriously hard to get good model-specific plugin vehicle sales stats out of the UK. However, the UK government recently published these figures for October 2019 through September 2020.

The figures show that the Tesla Model 3 accounted for 30.69% of new registrations of fully electric vehicles in the UK, and 20.95% of all plugin vehicle registrations over that 12 month time period.

The second best selling plugin vehicle was the BMW 330e, at 9.53% of all plugin vehicle registrations in that time. The second best selling fully electric vehicle was the Nissan LEAF, with 10.93% of full-electric vehicle sales and 7.46% of plugin vehicle sales.

The Kia Niro accounted for 6.21% of plugin vehicle sales in that 12-month period, but those sales were split between full electric Niro EV registrations and Niro PHEV registrations.


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