South Korea

A Overwhelming figure of 4 GW Solar Tender may come up from South Korea this Year

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“According to our inquiry to the Korea Energy Agency, it is likely that the next tender’s capacity will be approximately between 300 and 500 MW more than that of the latest tender of last year, in which 1.4 GW was assigned.” Through the tenders, the KEA will assign fixed-price contracts to different categories of PV projects including small-sized rooftop arrays and large-scale solar plants.

“As tenders for large-scale capacity of 20 MW or more will start for the first time this year, the government may look at the results of this year’s tenders for potential multi-year planning,” Kim said, noting that there are currently no discussions on a multi-year schedule.

In the two tenders held in 2020, the KEA allocated 1.2 GW and 1.41 GW, respectively, while in 2019 it contracted 350 MW and 500 MW. In 2017 and 2018, total allocated capacity was 600 MW in each year.