A total 1.8GW of RE Assets in North America now under direct Management of Exus

Energy Markets Feed

Exus Management Partners, an independent investment and asset management firm focused on the renewable energy sector, has significantly expanded its portfolio of wind and solar assets under management for renewables investors in the United States and North America. Where local utilities and developers previously dominated, institutional and private investors have identified US renewables as an asset class capable of delivering stable returns amid wider market volatility.

In this context, demand from investors is growing for the support of asset management teams that can not only offer technical expertise – using data-driven approaches to harness the full potential of wind and solar assets – but critically, also provide active commercial management of those assets to ensure ongoing profitability. Exus’ North American portfolio now encompasses 46 individual assets in 7 states and provinces with approximately 1250 MW of solar and 550 MW of wind under management for seven major institutional investors.

For the majority of assets, Exus has guided its investors throughout sourcing and acquisition, acting as a buy-side advisor to its clients. Exus then takes on the operational management of the projects, with an approach to technical optimization that draws on a unique combination of on-the-ground experience and digital anomaly detection and predictive maintenance tools such as its proprietary ‘BlueSky’ asset management platform.