BIG NEWS FOR DEVELOPERS : Now Large Scale Solar PV Plants Can Utilize Anti-Soiling Nano Coating To Boost Production

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Dutch company Rads Global Business has developed an anti-soiling coating for solar PV modules that is claimed to reduce cleaning cost by around 60%. The anti-reflective and anti-corrosive coating is also said to mitigate potential-induced degradation.

“It increases the efficiency of wet cleaning by reducing water consumption in the range of 50 to 70% due to the self-cleaning function of the coating,” he said, noting that soiling, scaling, corrosion, abrasion and glass reflection can reduce transmission of light through the module glass in real field conditions in a range of 5% to 20%. According to him, the coating solution can increase the performance of a PV power project by between 5 and 15% and ensure a reduced cost of cleaning and fewer damages to PV modules due to corrosion and operation and maintenance.

“Our coating can reduce the cost of cleaning by 60%,” he explained, adding that revenue increase for a PV project in deserts and the polluted site could be in the range of 8 to 18%.