5-busbar based Solar tiles achieved 19.5% efficiency

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The product costs $1.38/W and has a 25-year performance guarantee Ukrainian start-up River Solar has developed a solar tile for building-integrated photovoltaics with a 19.5% power conversion efficiency and a power output of 45 W. “We produced the first series entirely in Ukraine and a second series was produced by Chinese manufacturers,” the company’s CFO, Ilia Kotov, told pv magazine.

Its open circuit voltage is 5.63 V and the short-circuit current is 10.12 A. “A square meter of solar tiles costs $250 in retail before serial production and cost optimization reductions,” Kotov explained.

Solar tiles with a total capacity of 6 kW were deployed, which the company claims enable energy cost savings of around 60%. “Now we are monitoring the work of the solar station online,” Kotov said.