Sungrow completes 10 GW of PV inverter shipment in USA

Energy Markets Feed

Sungrow is apparently the world leader in solar power inverter solutions, and it announced recently that it crossed 10 gigawatts of cumulative inverter shipments in the Americas before the end of 2020.

“In 2019, Sungrow launched the world’s largest inverter factory, once fully operational, the global annual production capacity will reach 50 GW, including 3 GW of India factory.” “Notably, Sungrow is the only inverter supplier ranked ‘100% bankable’ for two straight years by BNEF,” Sungrow states.

“The Company shows a robust track record of performance in projects it powers.” In 2020, Sungrow also introduced a 3.6 MW outdoor central inverter solution, which the company highlights can be effectively used with solar-plus-storage power plants since it includes “Inputs for DC-coupled storage solutions.” The company also notes that it “Has a massive R&D task force to push the boundaries of innovation and develop the most intuitive and pragmatic products of the whole industry.” In fact, it claims to have “The largest dedicated R&D team” in the entire solar inverter industry.