World’s Largest Tidal-Flat Solar PV Plant of 300MW gets connected to the Grid

Feed Solar

The first batch of units of world’s largest tidal-flat utility PV plant (300 MW), contracted by the 12th Bureau of Hydropower, have been successfully connected to the grid for power generation. The project has been constructed using a total of 685,216 440 Watt monocrystalline silicon modules combined with Solis Solis-(215-255) K-EHV-5G 1500V string inverters.

The electricity generated from each array is converted into AC power using Solis 255kW string inverters, before being boosted to 35kV by a box-type substation.

This is then connected to the distribution room of 35kV/220kV booster station through 35kV collector lines for grid connection and transmission.