EVs Delivered To Customers By BYD Zimbabwe

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The UK’s plugin electric vehicle market hit new highs in December 2020, at 23.4% market share, up from 6.6% in December 2019. The Tesla Model 3 was the top selling vehicle for December across all kinds of vehicles. 

Norway’s EV market share keeps setting the pace and in December, the market share for plugin electric vehicles hit 87.1%. Sales were also impressive in France, Germany, and several other markets.

The Tesla Model 3 was also the top selling EV in China in 2020 but the majority of the models making up the list of the top selling vehicles in China are local brands such as BYD. BYD is one of the world leaders in the EV space, offering vehicles across several categories from electric buses, refuse trucks, electric trucks, and passenger vehicles such as the BYD Han.