In 2020, Texas Received 22% Of Its Electricity From Wind Only, Beating Coal

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Everything is bigger in Texas, and wind power is no exception. Now, for the first time, wind power has beaten coal power in the Lone Star State. In 2020, Texas received 22% of its electricity from wind and only 18% from coal. There are more valuable winds along the southern coast of Texas that provide wind in the afternoon and evening when power demand is at its peak.

Wind power is not only bringing cheaper electricity; it is bringing jobs too – as many as 26,000 jobs in 2019 in Texas alone. As of Q3 2020, Texas had a total installed capacity of 30,904 MW of wind power, according to AWEA. Texas leads the country with 15,359 wind turbines installed, which have a value in excess of $53 billion.

As of Q3 2020, there were 5,324 MW of wind power under construction, and that is a tiny fraction of what is possible. Across the state, there is the potential for another 1,347,992 MW of wind power to be tapped, and that does not include offshore.