RE Auction Scheme Of Greece Seems To Work Perfectly For Solar PV Segment

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Greece’s Regulatory Authority for Energy has announced that the country will conduct its third joint auction for wind and solar photovoltaics projects in May 2021.

Mohit Prasad, Project Manager at GlobalData, comments: “The renewable energy auction scheme has spurred the growth of solar PV installations in Greece. According to GlobalData, at the end of 2020, the technology is expected to contribute 15% to the country’s overall energy mix, which was 13% before the introduction of the auction scheme.”The scheme is now expected to significantly change the generation mix of the country, with a target of an additional 2.1GW of wind-solar auction by 2024.

Out of the seven projects that won in the auction, six – aggregating 377.78MW – were of solar PV. Not only that, but solar PV secured the majority share again in April 2020, when the country announced the result of the second mixed wind-solar tender.