Storedot Unveils Batteries That Gets Charging Done In Less Than 10 Minutes

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StoreDot is an Israeli company that said back in 2018 it was working on an EV battery that could be recharged in just 5 minutes. It has tested fast charging batteries for portable electronics and motorcycles.

The batteries were manufactured by Eve Energy in China and are being distributed to various interested parties so they can test them in their own vehicles. “You’re either afraid that you’re going to get stuck on the highway or you’re going to need to sit in a charging station for two hours. But if the experience of the driver is exactly like fueling , this whole anxiety goes away. A five-minute charging lithium-ion battery was considered to be impossible,” he said.

Myersdorf says those batteries will be cost competitive with existing lithium ion batteries. “The bottleneck to extra-fast charging is no longer the battery,” he says.