In 2020, Netherlands Connected 2.93 GW Of Solar Power To Its Grid

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The Dutch solar market grew 40% year on year in 2020, thanks to 2.93 GW of newly deployed capacity, which pushed the Netherlands’ cumulative figure to more than 10.11 GW, according to the “Nationaal Solar Trendrapport 2021” study, which was recently published by consultancy Dutch New Energy.

Of the new capacity installed last year, around 1.09 GW came in the form of residential installations – up from 873 MW a year earlier. The remaining 1.8 GW of capacity came from the commercial and industrial and large-scale market segments. It revealed that all grid-connected PV systems generated around 7.92 TWh last year, which was enough to cover approximately 6.6% of total electricity demand.

The Netherlands could reach between 38 GW and 125 GW of total installed solar capacity by 2050, according to a recent report by Netbeheer Nederland, the Dutch association of national-regional electricity and gas network operators.