New US Govt Wants Domestic Manufacturers To Bring Innovation In Distributed Wind Energy Tech

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The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory has issued a request for proposals and is accepting applications for the DOE Competitiveness Improvement Project for distributed wind.

Managed by NREL on behalf of DOE’s Wind Energy Technologies Office, the CIP awards cost-shared subcontracts and technical support to manufacturers of small and medium-sized wind turbines. “The Competitiveness Improvement Project is designed to make wind energy cost competitive with other distributed energy resources,” said Robert Marlay, Director of DOE’s Wind Energy Technologies Office.

“Since 2012, this project has helped small U.S. businesses develop new and innovative distributed wind technology through financial support, the expertise of NREL researchers, and access to the lab’s research facilities.” One example of the impact the CIP is making on U.S. distributed wind and small businesses is Intergrid, which developed a modular power inverter for wind turbines under 25 kilowatts to meet updated grid integration requirements, while adding storage capabilities for resilient back-up power.