Luminous BIS Certified Polycrystalline 60 Watt Solar Panel

Market Place

Price: ₹ 5,100.00 - ₹ 3,099.00
(as of Jan 25,2021 23:48:40 UTC – Details)

Polycrystalline 60 watt solar panel has 36 polycrystalline cells made from many silicon fragments fused together. They have a speckled reflective appearance and the thickness of the slice is clearly visible. Polycrystalline solar panels are more suited for Indian solar conditions and are ideal for installations with large roof or ground space. Below are the major features of polycrystalline solar panels.
Durable – Designed using a silver anodized high-tech aluminium frame that withstands higher wind and snow loads up to 5400 Pa (IEC) which allows the panels to last for decades
Technology – Equipped with high-performance Grade A solar cells with PID resistant technology. The Grade A silicone cells come integrated with a powerful reflector that redirects sunlight back from the cell. This technology leads to the generation of up to 5% more power
Performance – Open-Circuit voltage (Voc): 22 Volt, optimum operating current (Imp): 3.34 Amps, short-circuit current (Isc): 3.64 Amps. Module efficiency: 14.10%
Warranty: 5 years on product and 25 years performance warranty; Package inclusions – Luminous Polycrystalline 60 watt solar panel

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