Offshore Wind in US is about to start a new phase

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With 53 percent of the country’s population on both coasts, offshore wind is near areas that consume large amounts of electricity. Offshore wind can also meet growing clean energy needs during rainy and cloudy winter months when less solar is energy available.

Even more appealing from an energy planner’s perspective is that offshore winds often ramp up in the afternoon and evening when the sun goes down – and home electricity use jumps. The lean energy sector has been hard hit by the pandemic-created recession, but offshore wind can put people back to work in good paying jobs, many of them unionized.

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, located within the Department of the Interior and responsible for permitting offshore wind in federal waters, released a draft environmental impact statement for ├śrsted’s South Fork Wind project. In the second week of 2021, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the winner of two additional contracts for offshore wind totaling 2,500 MW to Equinor.