Fiat 500e

One Of The Italy’s EV Market Leader Fiat’s 500e Dominates!

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The brand new Fiat 500e — following a good start in November — trashes BEV records by going straight to the top with 1,549 registrations, beating the monthly sales record of 880 units set by Tesla Model 3 in September. In a contracting overall market – 121,000 units down 14.8% from 142,000 a year before – conventional petrol and diesel cars combined decrease around 40% year on year, with 33% and 25.8% market share respectively.

As expected, plugless hybrid vehicles continue absorbing part of the internal combustion engine vehicle losses, with 21.4% of the market. Full electric cars pop to an astonishing all-time monthly high of 7,255 units, up 753% YoY from just 850 registrations a year before. To put things in perspective, it’s worth remembering that total BEV sales in Italy for the entire 2019 were just over 10,000 units! The incredible performance means December market share for full electric vehicles climbs to a sizeable 6%. It was a meager 0.6% just a year ago.

The combined share of plugin vehicles for the month is a healthy 11.2%, much closer to the recent performances of other established European EV markets and particularly impressive for a country dominated by models under the €20,000 mark.