Voltalia’s RE Portfolio Crosses 1 GW Mark

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Voltalia an international player in renewable energies, reaches 1,015 of installed capacity at end 2020,overpassing its 1-gigawatt target set in 2016. Between the announcement and the achievement of this 1-gigawatt target, Voltalia’s capacity has more than doubled and is more diverse.

Voltalia is now also highly recognized for its capacity to develop solar projects, notably in Europe and Africa. Finally, Voltalia has also established a successful storage activity, by building Toco, the biggest battery storage complex currently in operation in France.

Today Brazil is 67% of the installed base, Europe 24% and Voltalia has also grown around its Egyptian hub, which represents 9% of the installed capacity. While Brazil is and will remain a major contributor to Voltalia’s growth, Europe and Africa will clearly continue to enjoy the highest growth rates. Voltalia is in the good track to rebalance its portfolio by 2023, when Brazil should represent 50% of its installed capacity.