Sumitomo reveals it’s commitment for Australia and Oman with Hydrogen Cells

Energy Storage Feed

Sumitomo has signed a contract with an EPC for a PV-powered green hydrogen plant in Queensland, and has also started a feasibility study for a gray-green hybrid hydrogen project in Oman.

Back in February 2020, the traditional coal and gas hub of Gladstone, Queensland, put its hand up to become Australia’s hydrogen mecca. The city was selected to host two ambitious projects – a gigawatt-scale green hydrogen-ammonia installation and a gas injection facility – in order to blend green hydrogen into the city’s natural gas network.

The plant will produce 250-300 tons of hydrogen per year, and could scale up in the future. It is perhaps not surprising that Sumitomo is turning to green hydrogen, considering the company’s stunning US$250 million loss on its Western Australian Bluewaters coal-fired power station.