The new Administration team of President Biden will have WRI Experts in US Department of Energy

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“We are delighted that these two highly respected experts have joined the Biden-Harris administration to drive forward important work on climate and energy policy,” said Andrew Steer, President and CEO, WRI. “During their time with WRI, Andrew and Jennifer made major contributions to clean energy, carbon removal and international climate negotiations. We know that these remarkable individuals will continue to play a transformative role as once again the United States becomes a leader on climate change within and beyond its borders.” In his new position, Light will lead DOE’s Office of International Affairs, overseeing all bilateral and multilateral cooperation on energy.

Light will leverage his experience at WRI as a Distinguished Senior Fellow in the Global Climate program, where he worked on a variety of U.S. and global climate topics and renewable energy strategies.

Most of his work involved leading WRI’s high-level U.S.-China, U.S.-India, and U.S.-E.U. dialogues on climate and clean energy, which kept the door open on these topics during the darkest days of U.S. international engagement on climate action abroad. He also oversaw major media operations on the dire consequences of the U.S. leaving the Paris Agreement, and an attempt by the Trump White House to suppress the release of the 2018 4th U.S. National Climate Assessment, on which he also served as an author.