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Trina Solar’s All new Trina Tracker Vanguard Series, handle upto 660Wp modules, receive IEC Certification

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Trina Solar Co., Ltd. received IEC62817 Certification for its TrinaTracker Vanguard Series verified by the Certification Entity for Renewable Energies, a Europe-leading independent testing, simulation, certification and inspection body.

IEC62817 standard consists of strict design requirements, test methods and judgment basis for structural strength, tracking accuracy, reliability and durability of solar tracker, thus IEC62817 is considered as a comprehensive and authoritative evaluation standard for solar trackers.

TrinaTracker Vanguard has gone through all major tests in the advanced large-scale simulation test laboratory of CERE, and passed more than 20 reliability assessments, including the functional test for tracking system, expediting circulation test, UV test, deformation test under static load, mechanical slip and recoil test, control cabinet vibration and impact test under transportation, etc.