Airspeeder Shows Off Mk3 Flying Car Design!

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The mentalists at Australian flying-car company Alauda recently showed off the third version of their highly anticipated Airspeeder eVTOL. That alone would be newsworthy, but it’s the second part of Alauda’s announcement that’s more impressive – that’s not the part where the company plans some RC-style remote flying exhibitions for 2021, but rather the part where they’ll have manned Airspeeder racing in 2022.

Now, if you’re like me, I’m sure you read that last line and wondered who would be crazy enough to insure a high-speed aerial racing event with piloted high-speed drones like this, let alone who would be mad enough to pilot the things! Well, that’s where the Mk3 version of the Airspeeder appears in come in.

The latest version of the Airspeeder will use those 2021 exhibition events to prove out an advanced safety system that uses LiDAR and Radar-based collision avoidance systems to create a “Virtual force field” around each of the flying cars and ensure close, but ultimately safe, side-by-side racing.