Technical and Economical Feasibility Grid Tied Solar Pv in Bangladesh

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Price: ₹ 5,444.70
(as of Feb 28,2021 10:32:24 UTC – Details)

Electricity is a crucial engine for growth, development and prosperity for the country. Nowadays barely anyone can imagine their life without electricity. Unswerving supply of electricity is one of the basic assumptions in terms of economic progress of any country. The level of the economic development of a country determines the level of electricity consumption The current insufficient electricity capacity in the developing countries like Bangladesh can be seen as just another facet of their overall development problems. Bangladesh lacks in sufficient electricity generation capacity and electricity grid network to electrify the whole nation and so 100 % electrification is far from realization. Here, only 42 percent of the total population had electricity access as of 2010. The situations is worse in rural areas extremely than urban section (23% penetration in rural area; whereas 79% in urban regions) (RENDEV 2009).The rural electrification of Bangladesh is successful by solar home system.

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