Sonnen & Spruce Power join hands to Develop BESS & Virtual Power Plants

Energy Storage Feed

HOUSTON, TX – April 8, 2021 – Spruce Power, a Power-as-a-ServiceTM company with roots in energy efficiency and residential solar energy, announced it entered a supply and partnership agreement with sonnen Inc., a global market leader in smart residential energy storage systems.

“Spruce is partnering with sonnen to show how individual smart home energy systems and virtual power plants of networked, smart home energy systems can provide support to the local grid,” said Christian Fong, CEO of Spruce Power.

“We chose to partner with Spruce Power because of their proven capability to build a robust network of existing home solar customers. As evidenced by their recent expansion into greater energy services, they have a clear understanding of the many ways we can create value for utilities, the grid and homeowners by adding batteries into their solar installation portfolio,” said Claudia Kolbinger, VP of Consumer Products at Sonnen Inc. “By combining Spruce’s ability to build networks of clean energy homes with Sonnen’s ability to manage energy and turn distributed assets into revenue generating VPPs, we can help actuate a clean, reliable and sustainable energy future for everyone.”