Kia Motors supplies 40 e-Niros to OVO Energy

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OVO Energy has a goal of reaching net-zero carbon emissions in its operations by 2030, something many top climate and energy scientists would applaud.

OVO Energy added that there were other aspects they liked a lot about the vehicle: “Other key features which attracted the company to the award winning electric car was its spacious interior, exceptional practicality and outstanding levels of standard specification.” OVO’s 2030 commitment is also tied to its participation in EV100, an initiative of The Climate Group focused on getting corporations to make the commitment to go electric by 2030, or engage in other EV-supportive actions.

“We’re excited to expand our Field Force team’s fleet, with Kia’s e-Niro electric vehicles, building on our commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions from our own operations by 2030,” Ben Guest, Field Operations Director at OVO Energy, commented.