Sweden installs solar panels at the Swedish Residence in Hanoi

In order to promote clean and renewable energy, The embassy of Sweden has recently installed solar panels at the Swedish “Greener” Residence in Tay Ho, Hanoi. The Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam H.E. Ann Måwe said- “Energy is central to social and economic well-being. Solar energy does not produce any environmental or noise pollution and is […]

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Sweden Hits Record Sale OF Electric Vehicle In December!

Sweden has just hit a massive 49.4% plugin electric vehicle share in December 2020, over 4× the share of December 2019. The combined 49.4% plugin share in December comprised 19.2% full battery electrics and 30.1% plugin hybrids. That’s a big jump over the 11.4% plugin share of full year 2019. IMAGE SOURCE: GOOGLE

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Sweden continues rooftop PV rebate scheme for businesses, municipalities

Sweden was set to replace its rebate scheme with unspecified tax breaks by the end of this year, but the government has instead decided to allocate another $31.5 million for 2021 – for enterprises and municipalities only. The Swedish government has decided to continue the solar rebate scheme for rooftop PV, which was set to […]

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